Kaykci (ferryman) / Yannis Saoulis

CD audio packaged in a 6 pages digipack. Total number of tracks 11. Total time 45:56. Booklet texts are written in: Greek, English and French. Released in 1999. 

Style: Cinematic music based on the movie of Biket Ilhan “Kaikçı” (Ferryman). The music and the CD was produced in order to support the movie. Most of the tracks are old rebetika orchestrated by Yannis Saoulis and some are compositions of Yannis Saoulis.



Metin Belgin (4), Minas Hadjisavas (6): Narration

Yannis Saoulis (1,2,3,47,8,9), K. Moutsatsos (7), P.Papaemanouel & G. Papaemanouel (11), Çiğdem Kirömeroğlu: vocals

K.Andreou, N. Georgiou, M. Georgiou, Ch. Kehayas, Y. Saoulis: men’s choir “Zivania” (5)

Derya Türkan (5,6): Klasik Kemence

Sükrü Kabacı (12): Clarinet

Muamer Ketencoğlu (3), Fred Abbingh (8,9):Accordion

Giorgos Psaltis: Violin (5)

Aziz Senol Filiz (2,4,5): Ney

Henrik Hölm: Upright Bass

Ahmed Demirbağ: Davul, Tarabuka 

Yannis Saoulis: bouzouki’s, baglama, tzoura, guitar, laouto

Recording, Sound engenering,Mixing, Programming, Premastering: Yannis Saoulis / IAN Productions

Illustration: Yannis Saoulis

Mastering, replication: SONY DADC


The music

1.The bird (1:56)…..Yannis Saoulis

2. Kaykci (Ferryman) (3:51)…..A. Chadjichristos -Orchestra

3. Minore (6:22)…..Y. Halkias – Orchestra

4. Bir Kuş (a bird) (1:22)…..Özdemir İnce – Yannis Saoulis

5.Bosphorus (9:39)…..Yannis Saoulis

6.Ena pouli (a bird) (1:38)…..Özdemir İnce

7.Kaiksis (3:54)…..A. Chadjichristos

8.O amanes tis kalis nychtas (5:00)…..Traditional arr. by Yannis Saoulis

9.San Magemeno (5:42)…..D. Gogos / Bayanderas

10. Stin auli tou pelagous (3:08)…..Yannis Saoulis – Orchestra

11. Terirem (2:54)…..Byzantine hymn

12.Haydi!  (1:34)…..Yannis Saoulis – Orchestra

The story

In this romantic drama, a young man has to overcome long-standing prejudices between Turks and Greeks as well as the usual obstacles on the road to love. Boatman (Memet Ali Alabora) has lived nearly all his life in a small Turkish fishing village where he was found as an infant after being abandoned by his mother. Now 20 years old, tall and good-looking, Boatman still feels cut off from the world because he can neither hear nor speak. One day, Boatman sees a beautiful Greek girl (Katerina Mousatsos) singing at a fair, and for him its love at first sight. However, his friends and family don’t think much of the new woman of his dreams, and when he tries to swim from his harbor to the small island she calls home (much as Leander swam the Dardanelles in pursuit of Hero in Greek mythology), he finds himself under arrest. Kayikci/Boatman was screened as part of the 1999 Istanbul Film Festival.